Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ok, how did we get the new age birds flying format on this blog and more importantly, how do we loose it for one better suited to a cranky first time blogger?  Midway through my last blog I realized I had leaned on the "insert" button and just spent a maddening half hour trying to edit my post without wiping out the whole paragraph.  Also, Prof exactly what does it mean that the blog has been previewed?  Should I be flattered or insulted by the number?  Is there a way to invite others to view or comment on the blog?  Should this conversation between us have a name or a description? Why am I only 40% finished on the profile?   Finally, with the first name of Ruby why is the little cartoon that pops up a guy and how can I change that?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Directions to start your blog using is a very user friendly program. In order to use you will need to decide a few things first:

Name of your blog What image you want your blog to have (professional, friendly, sunny, sleek, etc…)? Who will be able to see your blog (public or for your eyes only)? Who will be able to comment on your blog? (No-one, everyone who wants, or will you decide on comments on a case by case basis) Who will write your blog (you can have multiple writers like we are doing)?

1. Go to If you have a google account, sign in. If you don’t have a google account, you will need to create one at

2. Now you can begin to create a blog. On the right side of page, half way down, is an “icon” labeled “new blog”. Click on that.

Now you have a screen with all of the parts you need to create the blog. Fill out the information on the first screen.

Title: This is the title of the Blog. When choosing a Blog name, don’t make it too long. The title of Blog will show at the top of the Blog page, and titles that are too long may not fit or will be too hard to follow. Make sure your blog name is unique. Mary’s Blog may already be used.

Address: This is the web address of your blog. Normally the easiest address is to type in your blog title (without spaces). If your blog name is already being used, a message will come up that the web address is not available. You may want to change the blog’s name at that point. If you have a webpage or website with your organization (custom domain), you can put that as your web address. You will need to type it in manually.

Choose your template: Click on one of the templates (formats) presented. You will have the chance to change this in the future, so don’t worry about how it looks at first. After you have completed each of these steps, click on the Create Blog icon at the bottom of the page. Now you have created your own blog!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

First posting on a blog, ever, and I am not quite sure what comes next.  Tell me Prof. do you think we need to let others reading the blog know what we are trying to accomplish?  It would probably help if I knew myself.  I wanted to start learning new technologies in order to keep up with my nieces and nephews in the 20 something generation.  I am still using the old flip phone, pc, hard wired technology.  One episode of "Silicon Valley" on BRAVO network and I know I am completely out of touch with social, facebook, tweets, twitter...a lexicon of language that is both confusing and confounding to a mind that works best on a full pot of coffee.  Can you help me navigate the various media and mediums for communications and keep me on the technically hipster track (it was hip, hippy and now hipster)?  I look forward to working towards some electronic progress...thanks and forgive me in advance for trying your patience and understanding...