Tuesday, December 25, 2012

First posting on a blog, ever, and I am not quite sure what comes next.  Tell me Prof. do you think we need to let others reading the blog know what we are trying to accomplish?  It would probably help if I knew myself.  I wanted to start learning new technologies in order to keep up with my nieces and nephews in the 20 something generation.  I am still using the old flip phone, pc, hard wired technology.  One episode of "Silicon Valley" on BRAVO network and I know I am completely out of touch with social anything...media, facebook, tweets, twitter...a lexicon of language that is both confusing and confounding to a mind that works best on a full pot of coffee.  Can you help me navigate the various media and mediums for communications and keep me on the technically hipster track (it was hip, hippy and now hipster)?  I look forward to working towards some electronic progress...thanks and forgive me in advance for trying your patience and understanding...    

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