Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ok Prof. I know you are busy with your collegiate life, and I have a house to clean but you don't see me shying away from asking questions so here goes; I can not always get to my actual GMail account  Wow if you punch in gmail there is this guy that looks like the hunky model on the cover of those bodice rippers you like to read...oops did I reveal too much?  Anyway, how do I have a conversation with some of the people who have sent me a comment without having it post on the blog.  Also, how do I have an on-blog (?) conversation with someone?  I did stumble on how to add some folks to my circles...I will save my thoughts for a later post on who in the Ukraine would want to read this blog...thinking vodka may be involved...

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  1. Did you mean to post your email account? I wouldn't suggest it. You might want to go back into Blogger, click on Posts, then find the "edit" button and delete the actual email address. It is never a good idea to post your email unless you are a business. You tend to get spam and might open your email account up to spammers or computer viruses.