Saturday, January 5, 2013

A couple of items that should be simple but I still am struggling with...printing what I just viewed on a post.  Since I am administrator of the blog why is it so hard for me to print only the blog?  I keep having all the other stuff (half I do not even know what it means ) on the side and the top of the page showing is cutting off the actual post.  Also, when I am viewing the blog post and try to go back to the main page do I just click on the title?  Urrrgh,  this should be me Prof!


  1. Printing can be tricky. Are you trying to print it in the "edit" mode? Try "view" and print. Print margins often are dependent on your browser/browser settings (chrome, firefox, explorer are browers). I have always found the easiest thing to do is to cut and paste your blog post (in the "view" format) into a word document, THEN print it out. It's an easy fix for those of us who aren't supper techies.

  2. Also, when you click on the title of your blog name (up top "Four thumbs one toe) you'll get ALL the most current blog posts (depending on the setting 5-25 posts) that you can flip through. When you click on the title of the post (which you didn't title here; this is why it's important to make sure you have a title for each post), you will only get the post that you clicked on.